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Re: The inner cv bolts

On Wed, 3 Jul 1996, Martin Slotterback wrote:

> Robert Paul Andrews wrote:
> > 
> > Does anyone know the best way to break free the inner CV bolts (torque type
> > lookin).  I did it on my old 5000 w/o a prob, but on my 90, they just seem
> > to be in there so good without able to get good leverage on a ratchet.
> > Advice hints would be appreciated as I will be doint this tommorrow.
> > Thanks
> > Rob
> > randrews@post.smu.edu====================================================================
> Hey,
>  Take the star bit and insert it all the way then give it a good hit with 
> a hammer first. Try to loosen it now most times it will give way. 

	First, make sure you have the 12 point spline drive bit that goes 
in those bolts.  They use a number 10 spline drive, NOT a Torx, and NOT 
an Allen wrench.  They have 12 points, not 6 like allen and torx.  I 
bought mine from Snap-on for 20.00.

	I used a long (3') extension on a 1/2" drive ratchet.  I was 
under the car positioning the spline drive bit in the bolts (and cleaning 
the crud out of the bolt sockets to get the bit in all the way) adn a 
partner was beside the wheel well turning the wrench.  The right side was 
very tight (over 100 ft-lbs) while the left side was prolly less than 75 


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