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Meca Coolant experience?

I just finished flushing the cooling system in my '89 200q and will finish
installing my new radiator and hoses tomorrow when it's a little cooler (I
don't usually have a problem with the heat here but when it's over 105 and
you're working on a concrete driveway without any breeze, it tends to be a
bit unpleasant.  I couldn't do it over at my "shop" because I don't have a
hose or easy access to running water over there.).

I am seriously considering installing the non-pressurized propylene gylcol
setup I bought for my 4k racecar.  I know it has gotten mixed reviews from
the press (among others, EC didn't like it) but many friends who use it in
their cars swear by it.  Does anybody have any experience with it?  Seeing
that the coolant runs approx. $30/gallon and purging the existing water in
the system means a lot of work, I'd like to know how it worked in somebody
else's Audi before I spend the time and trouble putting it in mine...

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