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Re: Meca Coolant experience?

>   I understand that it is flamable??? Is this a good thing if you spring 
> a leak in the cooling system??? 

Yes, according to the manual, Meca coolant *is* flammable if it comes into
contact with an open flame ... but then, so is antifreeze, if you spray it
onto an overheated engine!  Because the Meca coolant isn't under pressure,
the hoses/radiator/etc. aren't stressed anywhere near as much as with they
are with an OEM pressurized system and this significantly reduces the odds
of them springing a leak in the first place.  You pays your money, etc.

Like I said, I have several friends who run it their cars and they're very
happy with its performance.  The reason for my query is that the design of
the cooling system on my 200q is a bit different than that of my 4k -- the
coolant line from the expansion bottle goes to the radiator instead of the
pump -- thus the generic VW adapter kit that Meca supplied will need to be
re-engineered slightly in order to work properly in this application.  I'd
like to compare notes with somebody who's already done this before I start
cutting and/or rerouting hoses, etc. but it doesn't look THAT difficult to
figure out on my own, if necessary.  I will keep everyone posted as to how
well it does or doesn't work during what's left of our Arizona summer...

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