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fan fan fo fan, banana fana fo fan

Jesster436@aol.com wrote:
> Of course something had to go wrong.  Everything was going too well.  Today
> when I got off the freeway to go to work I noticed that the temp gauge was
> reading higher than usual.  I listened for the engine fan but could not hear
> it.  By the time I got the the parking garage,  the gauge was reading close
> to the highest hot.  The fan was not on but as soon as I turned off the
> engine it turned on.  Same thing on the way home except this time I had to
> drive with the heater on full blast and the windows open below 65 mph!  The
> fan turned on a few minutes after I took out the key.  I've had problems
> before with the fan but back then it wouldn't turn off.  Now it won't turn
> on!  What's wrong now?
> Jesse Almero, Jr.
> Torrance,  CA
> '86 Coupe GT
i had a somewhat similar problem with my 5k. My fan was running...and
running....and running...at first it just seemed to run a little too
long, then one day after diving it it took so long to shut off i went and
opened the hood to assist it a little.  I came back in a few minutes and
it was ok.  Satisfied, I returned to my car about 1 hr latrer and guess
what?  Dead battery!!! yee ha!  so I jumped the car and surprise! the fan
went on again....

the moral of the story is: check the fan relay, thats what was wrong with
mine good luck!    stefanie