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Re: Fan Function Problem Update - '87 5KCSTQW

i told you -  try the relay its only a 30 dollar part and easy to 
replace....let me know what happens.


Paul F. Levine wrote:
> Well,
> Here's where it's at now! In my '87 5KCSTQW this is the situation:
> --Fan comes on only high after getting hot (almost 3/4 mark on gauge)
> --No sign of medium or low fan speed happening
> --No fan with AC
> --No after run fan but, yes,I do have after run turbo cooler, and electric
>         coolant pump
> --Replaced thermofan switch on radiator with no improvement
> --Series resisitor shows open between terminals 1 & 3 and between 2 & 3
> I'm assuming I should just replace the series resisitor at this point but
> am concerned that something else might be a fault which might burn it up
> or it's something else (like the relay - which I don't know how to test
> or short)
> Any more thoughts?
> And by the way, thanks for the help so far...
> Paul