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Sudden drop in power ???

This is with my 1988 Audi 80 (2.0 liter).  I have noticed
of late, that if I accelerate to over 3000rpm, in 1st, 2nd 
or third gears, I get a momentary loss of power after which
the car will be a REAL dog until 3200 rpm - the engine 
vibrating willdly until I get to over 3200 rpm. The engine will
also be extremely sluggish until 3200.

If I switch off the engine and restart immediately, it is fine.
Then if I keep the engine revs below 3000rpm until I reach 4th 
or 5th the engine is fine.  In 5th, I can then easily go to 
80 - 85 mph which corresponds to around 3800 rpm. 

Any clues.  I'm getting really desperate and so are the drivers 
who are behind me whenever I have to slow down and start again.

- Vikram.