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Re: Pentosin and magical mystical fluids

Michael Shields writes:
> Ti Kan wrote:
> > Your car uses a central hydraulic system that provides boost to
> > both the steering and the brake systems (notice that it doesn't have a
> > drum-like vacuum booster behind the brake master cylinder).
> > The hydraulic pump and associated components uses pentosin.
> > To the untrained eye the hydraulic pump looks just like a power
> > steering pump and its fluid reservoir is for the "power steering fluid"
> > (this reservoir on your car should be a tall cylindrical plastic
> > canister mounted on the firewall near the center, and it should
> > have a sticker around the cap that says "Use Audi hydraulic fluid
> > G 002 000" or some such).
> Hmm.  Bentley p. 48.1 on the 84-87 4000 says: "Power steering, type:
> Hydraulic fluid, Part No, G 002 000 or ATF DEXRON or DEXRON II".  When I
> read that, I thought, "Hey, cool!  Dexron is something I can actually
> find locally!  And I won't need to pay for that Pentosin the 5000 needs."

The central hydraulic system that requires Pentosin is found
on the 84 and later 5000/100/200/V8 series cars.  The 4000 series
uses normal Dexron II.

Interestingly, my A4Q requires the G 002 000 hydraulic fluid also,
despite that it is a "normal" power steering system and "normal"
vacuum assisted brakes...

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