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RE: A4 acceleration/parking?

I just got back from DC, and I can attest to it's maneuverability in this 
city.  It was VERY easy to navigate around, and I had already spent 4+ years 
driving an even smaller Celica around.  I parked on the 4th at 13th and E and 
was able to find a space very easily, squeezing into one at a corner.  Plus, 
the mileage was great.  I drove from DC to and Baltimore, back to DC and then 
to Northern NJ on one tank of gas, with the AC on to and from Baltimore.  Over 
350 miles.

As far as acceleration at start-up, I am looking to change the throttle body, 
with one from Schaumberg Audi.  Others on this list can attest to its 
improvement in acceleration.  Hope this isn't too delayed a response, but I 
only got to read the couple hundred messages today.

Jon Linkov
Blue A4Q 

P.S.  I have a stick, the auto is too  slow.

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Subject: 	A4 acceleration/parking?

So I've got a 1995 Infiniti Q45a luxoboat, and it's been fun, but it's just
too darn big and heavy to drive.  I start looking around to find something
more my style.  Still quiet, still luxury, but tighter steering and better
cornering.  I thought I found it - Acura 3.5RL.  (Yes, I know.  Acura is not
known for its spirited handling.  We're talking relative, here.)  But then a
friend says "you CAN'T buy a sedan until you check out the Audi A4."  This is
a guy who couldn't get enough "feel of the road" if he was running barefoot
on gravel, and I usually prefer the air-mattress-on-wheels myself, but I
figured I'd check it out.

Stopped by HBL here in Northern Virginia, took a look at the booklet and the
cars in the lot, and I am pretty damn impressed, even *without* a road test;
it was the end of the night and they had nobody available to take me on a
drive.  It's not at all what I thought I was looking for - certainly not a
quiet, boring Japanese luxury car - but it looks pretty damn cool.  Steering
is my biggest focus, and it sounds like the A4 has it down. I don't mind a
hard ride as long as it doesn't tire me out; everyone's rated the A4 an A+
for long-distance comfort.

I've heard only one complaint from the car mags, which is acceleration.  I
don't have to go fast, I just have to *get going* fast; how's the 0-30 feel
on the A4Q?  The only timed tests I can find were on the automatic.  

But reading through the specs brought up one other concern.  One of the big
problems I have with the Q45 is that it takes about 20 minutes to park the
damn thing in downtown D.C., because it's a) huge and b) got a turning radius
of 38 feet.  One of the big appeals of the RL was its tiny 18-foot circle.
 Looking at the A4, I figured that at that size, parking would be a breeze;
however, the turning radius is still 36 feet.  Obviously I'm not going to buy
a car based on its parking ability, but it does give me pause.  What gives?
 Is it really a bitch to park?  Why does such a car not turn on a dime?

I'm eager to get behind the wheel Friday or Monday; if all goes well I'll
soon join the ranks of happy A4Q owners.

Jay Levitt