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Lawson & Breather Hose

To -  Dave Lawson  71344.2441@compuserve.com 

Congratulations!  Sounds like you've introduced a great new model!  
Be sure to extend our congratulations to the co-manufacturer!!

"Mike Miller (Volt) (Exchange)" <a-mikemi@Exchange.MICROSOFT.com>

> What are the symptoms of a VERY bad crankcase breather hose on a 200Q??
> Is there any way that this will affect boost? Anyone know the approx
> cost of a new one? Is it a pita to replace? Thanks.

Mike - the primary symptom is a cruddy idle, probably with lots of 
stalling, especially when hot.  Retail for the big hose on my 200 is 
$48, but you can get it for much less.  Don't forget to replace the 
multi-port hose on top of the rocker arm, too, as it also turns to 
much and cracks.  Replacing them is just a few minutes' work with a 
screwdriver, but do it when the engine is cold....they're right 
behind the fan.

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