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Re: Tranny repair

What model and year Audi do you have.  I'm curious because my '90 90
5-speed  manual is making a whining sound that I know someday soon will be
cause for replacement or rebuilding and the $$$$$s are scaring the heck
out of me!

Tony Fordham
90 90

> From: Joe Yakubik <75363.2524@CompuServe.COM>
> To: quattro <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
> Subject: Tranny repair
> Date: Tuesday, July 09, 1996 3:45 PM
> I picked up my car from the dealer today:
> I got a quiet, smooth shifting car, a box of used parts, and a page and
a half
> long bill for just under $4000.00
> Parts replaced:
> Assorted nuts, bolts and gaskets, clutch, flywheel, hollow shaft for 3rd
& 4th
> ($1000, alone), new needle bearings, new roller bearings, second gear
and sync,
> third gear and sync.  A few other various and sundry parts.
> $1400ish labor, $2500ish parts
> No word from Audi yet on the possibility of subsidizing the repair.  I'd
have to
> take the clutch & pressure plate, since they're "consumable".  
> Joe Yakubik