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Re: painting ur-q rear spoiler?

On Wed, 12 Jun 1996, Alex Kowalski wrote:

> The spoiler on my silver '84 4KQ is painted black.  It is also 
> fissured and cracked and generally looks terrible close up.  The paint 
> seems to be some kind of rubberized product, but so far I haven't 
> undertaken to paint it.  I'm afraid that using any kind of chemical to 
> strip the paint might damage the rubber as well.  I've unfortunately lost 
> touch with my friend who was a body man in NJ, so I'm in the dark too.  
> Why did Audi paint it?  I have seen later Coupe GTs with the unpainted, 
> hard-foam rubber spoilers that resemble anti-skid floor-mat material, 
> and look great after many years of service. 

The spoiler on the back of my old 84 4kq was also black and also looked 
bad close up. But when I painted the car, I also painted the spoiler 
figuring that it couldnt look worse than it does. I used the straight 
paint I used to do the car, and it looked GREAT. (I prepped it properly 
too though, like the body). It was very durably and stayed looking great 
for years. It was suprisingly pliable too!


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