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5spd shifter recentering question

Well, here's one that I think I'll ask now that I've decided to fix every last little problem on 
the car out of an eerie compulsion to rid it completly of peksy glitches, like a crazed fumigator 
in a bughouse:

How is the shifter ('84 4KQ) on the 5-speed sprung back to center?  Mine has never done this, 
except when moving the shifter left from neutral.  It is sloppy because of this, but still shifts 
perfectly.  I'd like to fix it, but casual inspection reveals nothing (except two more 
!$#%& broken rubber grommets to replace anchoring the shifter plate), and my Haynes manual (I 
know, I know, break with the shekels and get the Bentley) makes no mention of the shifter re this 
problem except to say that you can use it to change the gears.

Many thanks,

Alex Kowalski