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A4 1.8T

I've done some checking about the A4 1.8T, and what I've found
out (from car broker friend and sales manager at Stammler Audi
in Boulder), is that they should be here in September, but only in
automatic form.  The five speeds will come in Spring of 1997. 
The target cost is about $3000 less than the V6, and will come
"highly decontented" (sales manager words), with no wood trim,
no power seats, manual climate control, and probably 15 inch
wheels.  The car broker friend said that when the 5-speeds
come out, there will be a "Sport" version, with sport suspension
and seats.  Both sources said that this is what they had "heard",
and nothing was official, however.

While at the Stapleton event in May, Karl Behr, service manager
for Prestige Porsche Audi, had a 30 V A4, and said they should
be here in the fall.  He said the AoA marketing guys were
hesitant about the A4 1.8T, as the "decontented" Audi would not
maintain the Audi image.  He also said that the same marketing
guys resisted the S6 wagons, saying they would never sell here. 

Alex Chernushin