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RE: When are the '97s due in? (Was: 1.8T)

October, November?? Are you referring to the 1.8T??

I can't imagine Audi taking that long for the current 2.8L V6, since
their isn't any change in the chassis and engine yet.

From: Sean Reifschneider
To: Patel, Karteek
Cc: quattro@coimbra.ans.net
Subject: When are the '97s due in? (Was: 1.8T)
Date: Friday, July 12, 1996 3:25PM

>Sorry to switch the subject...I just found out the 1996 A4Q is ordered
>in May will be a 1997 now.  According to my dealer, Audi is not building
>anymore 1996 5-speed Quattros (I have my doubts, but that's what the
>dealer said) and that I will have to wait until mid-August to ??? for a

I just spoke to my dealer and he said that while Audi is currently
starting up shop for building '97 cars, they won't actually BE here
until October or November.  They'd have to take time to crash test
them, and emissions test them, etc...  I would think that would all
happen BEFORE they started craking them out.  If they find a problem,
they have to modify all the cars they've built.

Of course it is worth noting that this guy was trying to sell me a '96
A4 (with 250 miles on it) that he had in stock.  "What if I knocked
$500 of the price?  What are those 200 miles worth to you?"  If I buy a
'96 now, in 6 months it'll be a year old car.  If I wait 2 months and
get a '97, in a year it'll still be a brand new '97 car!  :-)

> -Cactus Green Mica (any different than the current Emerald Green??)

I'd guess it would be a lighter green -- maybe something like a mint
Also note that mica looks a bit different than metal flake.  The
Yellow Mica RX-7 looked REAL nice...

>Also available is the 6-function trip computer (for those gadget

What functions?  I'd like an average and instantaneous MPG like the
BMWs have...

> -the ski sack is included as a part of the all weather package

Great...  Now I *have* to get it.  I have absolutely NO use for a ski
There are plenty of things I could use for $160, but a ski sack isn't

> - Bose stereo (bleah!)

I've never been a real Bose fan.  $600 would take you a ways towards
a good stereo...

> - Sports package: 16" wheels, sport front seats and sport steering

That one sounds interesting.  My dealer (remember, trying to talk me
buying the one he had) said "I'd like to see what those wheels do for
It already handles like it's on rails.  It's the best handling sedan
ever driven.  It's almost as good as the 911s."  Is the sport pakage
going to be on the 1.8T?

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