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RE: When are the '97s due in? (Was: 1.8T)

>From: 	Sean Reifschneider[SMTP:jafo@tummy.com]
>>>Also available is the 6-function trip computer (for those gadget
>>What functions?  I'd like an average and instantaneous MPG like the
>>BMWs have...

Boost, miles to empty, gallons used since starting engine, time since
last reset, average mpg, average speed.

>> - Sports package: 16" wheels, sport front seats and sport steering
>That one sounds interesting.  My dealer (remember, trying to talk me into
>buying the one he had) said "I'd like to see what those wheels do for it.
>It already handles like it's on rails.  It's the best handling sedan I've
>ever driven.  It's almost as good as the 911s."  Is the sport pakage only
>going to be on the 1.8T?

Has the salesman driven a 1.8T? It comes standard with 15" wheels and is
somewhat lighter than the V6. The V6 already has the 16" wheels, there
are no sports seats available (at least not for 96) and the sport
steering wheel is a $150 option.
- peter, peterhe@microsoft.com