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Re: New S6

It probably very possible to make 400bhp out of the engine from the A4
5 valves engine. The A4 Super Touring Car uses a 16valves 4 cylinders engine 
even with a catalytic converter makes 300bhp, it not even turbocharged. If
you find the latest issue of Racecar Engineering volume 6 issue 2 they have
a very detail article about the A4 Super Touring Car. I guess if they can
make 300bhp out of non turbocharged engine then it's very possible and
easy to make 400bhp out of the same 16valves or the latest 20valves 4 
cylinders engine with a turbocharger. Remember the 4 cylinders turbocharged
BMW F1 engine from the 80's which make in excess of 700bhp? I think all 
the super touring car's engine i.e. Vauxhall, Renualt, Volvo, Ford, BMW, 
Honda, Toyota and Audi are all normally aspirated 2 litres engine with
catalytic converter and muffler and they all produce around 300bhp. I think
they are all 4 cylinders with the exception of the Volvo which I think has
a 2 litres 5cylinders smaller than the 2.5 litres in the 850 GLT that are
being sold in the US.

Anthony Chan, First Hill, Seattle, WA, USA.
92' 100 V6 Tornado Red.

> Date: Sat, 13 Jul 1996 14:01:11 -0500
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> From: aspeer@mail.utexas.edu (Andrew J. Speer)
> Subject: New S6
> I'm not a fan of "Automobile" magazine, but it sure beats reading
> "Madmoiselle" at the supermarket checkout.  The latest edition has a short
> blurb on the next S6 making 330 hp (rather than the 260 or so previously
> mentioned).  If the S4 gets the same engine and a curb weight @3400
> lbs.......I'll let y'all use your imagination.  If the A4T can make 286 hp
> just with intake, exhaust, and turbo work, 400 hp should not be impossible
> for an engine that features 1 more liter of the same 5 valve technology, but
> then I'm not an engineer.  The same article states the next 911 turbo will
> exceed 440 horses, while the forthcoming M5 will make 375.  Unfortunately no
> other specifics were provided.
> Andrew Speer.