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Some-what typical Q questions

Hello again to all Q-people;

Just a few questions I just thought of while driveing my 86-4000cs-q:

1)How much does a complete suspension job cost?
  - front & rear struts, and any of those pesky bushings?

2)Since i've owned the car (13mos) I've had fake rev-limit in my mind of 
4500~5000rpm, today I drove it like my 8vlave Scricco (all the way up) 
and boy did the Q PULL, I mean its only a 10v but I was amazed.  Which 
brings up Question 2- when and if a timing belt breaks (what is the norm 
 re-place point) will the valves shake hands with the piston??? :-(

3)If I had a leak in my AC system (this is what repair man said??) would 
it still blow cool not cold air for more then 6weeks (even after he 
charged it, it never blew cold the same as it does now?  If the car is 
in motion then it starts to cycle and becomes more the temp out side, at 
idel it blows a steady cool air??  I was going to have it charged again 
this week, I don't think it should of stayed charged for so longf with a 
hole in condersor??

All help and stories are welcomed??