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Timing belt II


just woundering how long should a timing belt last??  I have a 86 4000cs-q with 147,800miles bought it with 
10k less a year ago no service records??  Runns damn good on the high end, idels rough?  If no one replaced 
the belt yet would it of broke?  And if it does break with vales hit piston?  And is it ok to run the I-5 10v 
at high speeds (normally only hit 4500/5000RPM, once in a while i let her go for the red!!! I used drive make 
my 8vScricco hit the rev limiter just about every chance I got!!! Does the Audi have such a thing ??

Any help will help!


PS-that idel stb that is pluged into the 'air-box' air intake thingy???  Does that also work at non-idel 
speeds still have that pesky hesatation at 2000 till 3000 RPM???