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Fwd: 200 Slush

Mike Miller quoth:

> the dealer has a 200 (non-quattro) sitting there in the shop with 
>badges (200 and turbo) and an auto tranny. Did not think any auto 
>200's were imported. Not sure of the year.

Mike, at least in 1990, the FWD 200's *to the best of my knowledge*
were only imported as automatics - no 5- speed was offered.  I think 
the 5-speed was available on the 200Q models.  This may have also 
been true in an additional year, either 89 or 91, but I'm not sure.

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Al, I believe you are correct.  I was in Atlanta over the weekend and 
at Jim Ellis Audi.  They had a 91 200 automatic. It was not a quattro 
and just had the "200 and turbo" badges.

89 200tqw