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Alternator, battery or voltage regulator.....

Ok,  I've been on Vacay for 2 weeks :-) anybody miss me :-)
probably not..... :-( ......  anyway.... the Audi content is this....

On our 5 hour jaunt back home from Bangor Maine the Voltage
gauge was reading about 12.5 volts with the lights, wipers, and
A/C on.  Not good.  Shut off the A/C the lights and wipers and 
the gauge got up to maybe 13 volts.  Still not quite up to snuff.....
come to a stop light with A/C on revs go down real low and 
sometimes stall.  A/C off idles ok but not perfect.

I know the Alternator belt wasn't the correct size because it sat
up on the pulley a bit in comparison to the other belts.  Went to
the local Auto Palace and got a belt $6.99. and in the midst of 
putting it on I snapped the bolt that adjusts the belt tension
to the alternator!!!! .......... that's another story ......

my first test ride was with a loose belt.... which means it squealed
big time, when it was slipping.  but this was actually good....... 
because I was getting the exact same problems on the gauge.... 
as in when the A/C goes on while cruising the belt would squeal 
and the gauge would  drop to 12 volts.  This confirms one problem 
that I suspected which was the old belt was slipping...

I have managed to jury rig something to keep the belt tight 
and it's holding temporarily....  The problem is on my 2nd 
test ride the gauge goes up to 13.7 volts when cruising and
down to 12.5 or so when I come to a stop and sometimes the
battery light and brake light come on as well.  Give it more gas
the gauge goes up and batt/brake lights go out.

Does it sound like a bad battery, alt, or voltage reg to 'yuse guy's ?

My guess is battery...... or is my battery down a charge and should
I go for a good 15 minute cruise to charge it back up ?

Thanks Guy's :-)


Mike L.

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