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Re: Pulled over!

Hairy green toads from Mars made James A. Zwahlen say:

> One day I was headed to work on snow packed roads, doing about 50mph,
> in a 55mph zone, and believe me, it was the safest max speed under
> these conditions (no Q in the '93).  Some jerk in a Pontiac Gran Am was
> tail-gating me, I mean really close, with no hopes of passing.  So I
> just flipped the rear fog light on.  It freaked him so bad he just
> backed off about 20 car lengths, and kept his distance the rest of the
> trip. I really don't recommend doing this, but 'do as I say, not as I do!'

We've found that the rear fog lamp does indeed work wonders on
tailgaters.  Angela uses it at least once or twice a week to get
some jerk off her bumper.

I rely on the old morse-code system: 3 quick taps of the brake lights.


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