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S6 plus

Well y'all (had to say that to comemmorate the season) I have just got back
from Deutchland where I got to drive an s6+. It amazes me that with all the
yahoo stuff about the S6, the A8, and hot A4s, I have not read a word about
this wonder machine...anywhere, and especially here. It has the V8 engine with
about 330 hp in the A6/s6 body and there is an Avant as well. It seems quite
expensive at about DM100K with all the extras, but its a genuine 150mph
vehicle. I had it at 240kmph on the road between Hanover and Hildescheim for
about 10 mins. Quiet, great acceleration, and less bulky than the A8. Available
with 6 speed and a 5 speed auto. I have still to decipher the brochure
materials I captured from the dealer, so I am not sure of all the specs.

With BMW selling the 540 in the US, the economics at Audi must be in a pretty
poor state if they are unwilling to take this off the peg competitor into the
largest luxury market in the world.