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Re: S6 plus

> With BMW selling the 540 in the US, the economics at Audi must be in a pretty
> poor state if they are unwilling to take this off the peg competitor into the
> largest luxury market in the world.

I think this really ties with how U.S. consumers sees on the "levels" of
model range. U.S. consumers expect the better the model, bigger the
engine. Under that theory, if A6 Plus is sold, then U.S. consuemrs would
never buy A8.

I don't understand why Audi never imports its top performers, but I do
understand why they wouldn't import the S6 Plus -- because it has greater
bhp rating the U.S. top-of-the-line A8. Not just Germans, but Japanese
manufacturers do it, too. Ever seen Lexus GS-300 in twin turbo (which it
really need it bad) here in the U.S.? You wouldn't -- because it'll
out-perform the LS-400.

The way I see it, I think there's a (or few) big-head party pooper at Audi
of America who thinks U.S. consumers are not attracted to high tech, high
performance offerings (which is true for most, eh?). But with the general
consensus of foreign manufacturers' understanding of U.S. consumers'
conception of model-price-power, it looks like top ducks will never come
to our shores.

Of course, there are other things like fleet MPG things...

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