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Go west Young man... And Woman

Just got back from a late night snack with our intrepid travlers Mike 
Spiers and his LOVELY Finance Ann.  All is going well on the trip 
although space is at a premimum for these two.  There is so much stuff in 
Mikes Q it's riding a full 3" lower than stock!!  They got the last room 
at the hotel that I suggested, And the Q with a full interior and Roof 
Rack are sitting 3/4 mile away at a friends house for the night safe and 
secure.  Tomorrow morning at 8:30 am they get togther with some of Ann's 
relatives and then around 10:00am they will head out for the final 880 
miles to Boulder Co.  

Once again I have to say that this net is a really cool thing.  3 Hours 
out of St. Louis tonight Ann and Mike realized that my phone numbers were 
in Mikes rolodex.... at the bottom of a huge stack of stuff in the bed of 
the pickup.  With several Frantic Cell-Phone calls and the help of MANY 
listers they got my number and the rest as they say is history.  

We may all sometimes have VERY different opinions and may argue but I 
think that tonight proved why we all are here.


Eric Fletcher
St. Louis, MO