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Re: CQ Shocks

>... called up Imaprts (thanks to all for the number); they do not have
>upgrades and they offer Boges kai Konis for the CQ:
>KONI (yellow): $124.80 each/front externally adjustable
>		$117.60 each/rear has to be dismounted to adjust
>Boge Turbo Gas:	$63 each/front
>		$75 each/rear
>both carry lifetime warranty; job requires 4 hrs of labor + another 2 for
>alignment + maybe bushings. Shipping is $3.50 per order.
>I know the yellow KONIs very well from a Porche a friend of mine had and
>they are extremely stiff even at the lowest setting.
>The only thing I forgot to ask them is if the car will be raised. Ian,
>you said it would be, right? By how much?

Yes but these are not for the Sport Suspension equipped cars and 
presently it's over 12 weeks to get a pair of these Koni's IF YOU CAN GET 
THEM.....  Good luck


Eric Fletcher
St. Louis, MO