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CQ shocks : the onging saga


End the saga.

Get very specific facts and call someone who sells them all.

First, is your car a TQC or a 1989-91 Coupe Quattro?  What year?

Next, ignore the dealer prices, they are ludicrous.

Finally, call someone who will figure it out and stand behind it.
I bought mine from Euro-tire (call 800-information, or 201-575-2515,
ask for Chris).  They sell all three.  Ijust paid about $250 for
all four shocks for my 1991 90q20v, BOGE TurboGas.  Bilstein had a
front application but no rear.  I think Koni was the same.  Both
were about 2x the BOGE price.

Whichever you have (TQC or later CQ), you have a rare car.
Make sure you deal with someone who knows the difference. We can;t
do much more than this on the list.  Chris can, and E-T's prices
are about 30% (or more) off list.

BTW, the job takes about 4-5 hours plus full allignment.  The 
dealer obviously included the allignment in their flat-rate

Be sure to do strut bearings at the same time.