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Re: Audi wagons

>From: Mike Loeks <mloeks@columbia-center.org>
>Date: Thu, 18 Jul 1996 08:51:08 -0700 (PDT)
>Subject: Audi wagons
>Hello, Audi people!
>Help!  We are interested in a car with more seating capacity, and Michael
>says he'll get me an Audi turbo quattro wagon.  (I had temporarily succumbed
>to the lure of a minivan commercial.  Forgive me).  But the very thought of
>any wagon gives me the heebie-jeebies.  Will someone whose primary mode of
>transportation is a wagon confirm or soothe my fears?  And how many will a
>wagon seat?  My current car is the gray one of the signature line.  I may be
>fixin' to have my third child, but I still want to look cool and be able to
>teach some of these boy racers to respect Audis.  

I drive a 95.5 S6 wagon, which is what you are describing.  It seats
five adults comfortably, in a pinch you can stick a sixth in the
folding third seat for a while, but that's very cramped for an adult.
The folding third seat will seat two small kids in comfort.

The car drives just like the sedan, pretty much, it's a tad heavier.
It really shines on a long trip, you can put a ton of luggage in the
back and four adults in style on a long trip, five if you're good
friends.  Also with the back seat folded down you get a very large
cargo bay.  A split rear seat lets you fold down part of it, and seat
three adults and some long cargo.

A new turbo wagon would be very expensive, in excess of 40k, they quit
importing them at the end of 1995 due to new EPA regulations that they
chose not to meet, too expensive to invest in the aging 5 cyl turbo.
There are a few of them around, in various dealer's hands. Used TQ
wagons are rare.

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