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August 18th NE Audi Outing

The QCUSA will be having tech inspection on Sunday Aug 18th at Lime Rock. The'll
also have a BBQ, etc. They have 68 cars registered, so there will probably be
more Audi's in one place than I've ever seen before. Sounds pretty cool.

Thompson Smith has a cool attitude about the NE region, I would like to hear
what he has to say personally about it at the outing.

How many people plan on attending? Please include number of cars and people so
we can get a count. We will determine how much food is required, who will pay
for it, or maybe everybody from the list would rather bring their own food.

Please email me directly and tell me if you plan on attending, even if your not
sure yet, but just have a good idea.

This seems to have the possibility to turn into a pretty cool thing!


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