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Pressure switches...

The office building I work in is in the process of replacing its a/c system
and I found several boxes of pieces/parts lying about in the basement while
I was down there digging through my company's storage room for some files.

Among these were some really neat looking adjustable pressure switches that
were attached to a bracket holding a microswitch very similar to those used
on an Audi throttle body.  The lighter duty switches can be adjusted over a
range of 3 to 15 psi and the heavier duty one from 14 to 30 psi.  I have at
least one use for them so far (to trigger my intercooler mister system) but
have started thinking about other possible performance-oriented uses ... it
should be fun, especially since I snagged around 2 dozen of them along with
some really neat machined brass vacuum line "T" and a couple of regulators!

I mention this only because I've never seen these before and I suspect they
must be pretty easy to come by on the salvage market.  I've got no idea how
much they might cost new but the price I paid was certainly cheap enough!

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