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Re: Quattro Wagons

>From: "DAVID C. COHEN" <102466.2362@CompuServe.COM>
>Date: 21 Jul 96 17:34:40 EDT
>Subject: Quattro Wagons
>Other advice needed - does anyone know if there are dealer incentives or
>holdbacks? -- the usual sources show no holdbacks, but that seems odd.   Are
>there any performance chips or other upgrades for the A6, or has OBDII nixed
>this?  Anything else we should consider in looking at the A6QW?

Schaumburg Audi sells a modification to the throttle body that improves
low end performance, EPA approved.

You could still find a S6 wagon, they quit making them at the end of 95
and there are a few still indealer's hands.  Expect to pay at least
43k.  Plenty of power from the old 5 cyl turbo engine.

>	(v)  Whats with the "hairy green frogs made me... " stuff?

Somebody obviously thinks it's funny.

>	(vi) Is there an Audi or Quattro club? local chapters?

Yes and Yes.  Where are you?

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