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f/b on 88 Q90


I am considering buying a '88 Quattro 90. However before I do so, I would like
to know what kind of costs (maintenance and/or repairs) would be involved and
that I would be able to afford them (I have started on my job just recently :}
I would be grateful if I could get some feedback on this. 

Its a 5-spd, is in execellet condition,  has 90K on it, I will be the third 
owner, all records available. Acc. to reliable sources the current owner has 
been very meticulous about maintenance. She recently had the 90K checkup done. 
I think it cost her approx $600. What would be a good price for this car ?
Are there any specific trouble-spots that I should look up ? 

Is there any place on the web where I could look up statistics for the 88 Q90 ?

Any kind of feedback is welcome.