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RE: A4 Estate import ?

My words exactly...

Too bad too - a A4 1.8T Avant would make a fine replacement for the 200
come that time. Of course, by the time the 200 dies there will probably
be a 1.2 turbo A4 making 300+ hp from the factory running on tap water

The European pick-up programs are always US spec cars.
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>Subject: 	Re: A4 Estate import ?
>> 	Friend of mine, a potential Audi convert, test drove an
>> 	A4Q and loved it -- but wants a wagon.  He wants to know
>> 	if it's at all possible to import one from Germany -- he's
>> 	willing to fly over if necessary. (I think it's impossible,
>> 	and I told him so, but thought I'd ask you folks anyway).
>Very unlikely. No C-Klasse nor 3-series estates have been imported, so
>it's unlikely the A4 Avant will be either.
>As for importing one, there's always someone on the list who wants to
>import one pops up now and then -- but no one ever hear them after the
>initial post of saying so. There are several companies -- especially MB --
>that has a program that allows U.S. customer to pick up the car on Europe.
>But whether the car is U.S.-spec or Euro-spec is in question -- if it's
>U.S. spec, then technically it ain't importing. If it's Euro-spec, then
>it's one hellva interesting story -- and opens the possibility of
>importing rare Audis.
>Since A4 sedans are being imported, I don't see if there's much
>difficiulties in importing different body style -- compared to, say, a
>different engined model.
>> 	BTW, I mentioned the A6/S6 wagons, but he thought they were
>> 	too big.
>What a funny friend you got... too big?
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