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Re: IMSA, Trans Am

Peter Henriksen wrote:
> Can I send you a blank tape for a copy or have you just been overrun
> with requests? I won't flame you if you say no :-)
> - peter
  I could use some help here. I am in the process of editing ADs and
such from the tape my brother gave me. I don't have a means of quickly
mass producing copies. If some one on the list can help with this, I
could get the tapes out to everyone who requested one. (believe me there
are a few). E-mail or post to the list if you can help. I would like
everyone to get a copy. I don't want to make any money on this, so
perhaps a blank tape for a full one could do fine. I'll finish the
original by friday, and begin duplication this weekend.


1991 200Q
1995 LHS
1985 4KSQ