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Re: Hairy green frogs... (WAS: Quattro Wagons)

Alex Kowalski wrote:
> Hey Dave Cohen,
> What's wrong with Hairy Green Toads from Mars?
> I like them.  They are part of my fantasy life here on the Q-List!
> They are funny and a nice introduction to often serious subjects.
> No harm done,
> Best Wishes,
> Alex Kowalski
> P.S.
> <<<Speaking of this, I have to comment.  I have seen something of a
> rebellion among some contributors to the list against anything added to
> messages that could be construed as fictitious, spiritual, mystical,
> creative or humorous.  Especially the Audi Gods, but also the beginnings
> to messages like "Hairy Green Toads", etc.  This List is not a corporate
> publication. Mostly, it disappears into an archive for other Audi owners
> to search from by keywords or phrases.  It is not our responsibility
> (yet) to be totally straightlaced when we post messages here.  A little
> humor and mysticism helps when dealing with these cars, even if it is
> nothing more than a joke to ourselves that buoys us through the tougher
> problems.  There is plenty of serious, technical stuff posted to this
> list to satisfy anyone who is a die-hard gearhead who has no tolerance
> for that kind of junk.  Most people on the list are somewhere in between,
> and I don't think that the humor, upon reading the List regularly, has
> detracted from the quality of the answers spontaneously and freely given
> by the subscribers at all.
> Most of us seem to know this, but please, unless you are truly offended,
> give me a break from the censorship, because that's all you have to do to
> make it look silly is to say it looks silly.  These are expensive cars,
> after all, and when you boil it down, nobody wants to think of themselves
> as being a joker with an investment.  So it is a fragile thing, this
> sense of humor about these cars that we transport ourselves and our loved
> ones around in.
> I scrape my knuckles against the hard reality of my Audi's ball joints,
> shock mounts, differential covers, plug holes, and unibody on a
> regular basis.  It's a little bit of a break to make an enchanted joke
> about it now and then.  Certainly, nobody here gives advice that they
> aren't reasonably sure works within the constraints of the laws of
> physics and the lessons of experience, as they understand them. A little
> humor helps you to cope when your car, that you really would like to
> continue driving, almost toasts you to a cinder, as happened to me.  If
> Hairy Green Toads thought it was appropriate for it to do so, I would
> like to soothe myself that that's the reason, after I've spent 10 hours
> under the dashboard with a digital multimeter and a flashlight piecing
> together the remnants of the wiring harness.  That's not being deceptive
> or stupid.  It's simply a reaction that enables you to still be enamored
> of this reality-driven device, that you must ultimately fix, pay to have
> fixed, or get rid of, and can sometimes confound and frighten the living
> daylights out of you.>>>

If the humor stops on this list, then I will promptly unsubscribe...


1991 200Q 
1995 LHS ( wish it were an AUDI)
1985 4000SQ ( for sale soon) (maybe)