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Re: quattro-digest V3 #753

>However,  At the Lakes Region QCUSA outing at Blackhawk
>farms earlier this month I spoke with Ivor Wigham of Total Audi Performance.
> Ivor  is currently working on a supercharger kit for the A4Q, estimated
>gains are said to be in the 70hp area.  The more interest in this project,
>the sooner you might see it done.   Ivor is a world renouned rally driver
>is now residing in sunny Florida where he runs his Speed shop;  Total Audi
>Performance.  He has some great products on the market and anyone looking
>more hp or handling should look him up.  Thanks to Ivor, I feel like I
>learned more than anyone else that whole weekend (He was my instructor both


He's only world renound for blowing cars up!  I would sooner remove the 
enamel from my teeth with a ice cube than buy ANYTHING from this Idiot.

BTW check the archives BEFORE you spam the list for Ivor.


Eric Fletcher
St. Louis, MO