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Wild ideas for the OOOOwww-D

Okay everyone, I am thinking about moving my race car to another class 
that allows a lot of modifications for my 86 4kq.  The class is called 
"street prepaed" and the way the rules are written, I can interchange 
parts from ANY quattro with a production run of over 1000 cars [no sport 

My mind started spinning with the thought of a lowered and stiffened 4kq 
with either a V8 or a 20v turbo motor under the hood with torsen diffs.  
The rules allow for any exhaust and intake.  I can not increase boost if 
it is a turbo motor.  I can change the fuel system to carbs or efi.  The 
catch is, the other components must be "bolt-on" changes.  I can not 
fabricate to make things fit.

What motors will fit?  Will a torsen diff fit in my existing diff 
housing?  What other gearboxes / rear ends were available to increase 
acceleration?  SHould I just increase the power of the existing motor and 
how (no cams).

This should be a fun one to discuss and hopefully do over the winter.


Steven Verona, Vice President
DB-Net, Inc.   614-436-6565 ext 15