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Re: Wild ideas for the OOOOwww-D

On Tue, 23 Jul 1996, Steve Verona wrote:

> Okay everyone, I am thinking about moving my race car to another class 
> that allows a lot of modifications for my 86 4kq.  The class is called 
> "street prepaed" and the way the rules are written, I can interchange 
> parts from ANY quattro with a production run of over 1000 cars [no sport 
> qauttro;-(].


	I haven't checked appendix A for your 4000CSQ, but the rules 
state that you may update/backdate parts from any car that is on the same 
line in the appendix that classifies your car.  For example, in my '94 
rulebook, in Appendix A, under D-Street Prepared, you will find that "Audi 
4000 5-cylinder (all)" is on one line, indicating that you may update 
backdate any parts from any Audi 4000 that came with a 5-cylinder 
engine.  They also state that the engine must be swapped as a unit, and 
the transmission must be swapped as aunit.  This makes the updating rule 
very interesting.

> My mind started spinning with the thought of a lowered and stiffened 4kq 
> with either a V8 or a 20v turbo motor under the hood with torsen diffs.  

See above, the V8 or 20V would be illegal.  The torsen would be legal, 
beacuse diffs are free as long as they fit the housings without modification.

> The rules allow for any exhaust and intake.  I can not increase boost if 
> it is a turbo motor.  I can change the fuel system to carbs or efi.  The 

YOu can't put a turbo in it at all, unless Audi imported a turbo 4000 
with a 5-cyl engine.  The EFI is definitely the way to go, but we already 
talked about that:-)

> catch is, the other components must be "bolt-on" changes.  I can not 
> fabricate to make things fit.

Of all the parts that are allowed to be changed to aftermarket stuff, you 
may custom manufacture those pieces, but the original car may not be 
changed to allow installation of an aftermarket part.  There are 
exceptions to this also of course.

Later, ---------------------------------------------------------- 
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