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OK friends here is one for you:

my '87 4kcsq with 155,000 miles on it has a tendency to split its right 
front, outer CV boot.  My best guess is that I've been through at least a 
half dozen of them in the past 4 years.  All other boots on the car, 
front and rear are factory originals.

Tires/wheels are balanced, just recently did a 4 wheel alignment after 
she had some rear suspension work done. Tire wear on RF wheel is no 
different than on any other wheel.  

Most recent boot came from Jim @ Blaufuernugen, been on the car less than 
a month and while she was up on the rack this morning getting her oil 
changed, we noticed that the clip holding the boot on had sprung open.

Current thinking after talking to my mechanic, Jim and two Audi service 
departments is that she might benefit from one or two new axle stubs 
(inner & outer).

Any thoughts?  All submissions welcome most especially those from hairy 
green toads from Mars  :)  or if you are lefthanded (:


Bill Murin