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Re: your mail

(1)  we've been here all along.  The question is where have you been?

(2)  God might be stretching it a bit.  Thank our beloved listmeister 
(drum roll now, doff of the cap, and a slight bow from Dan),

(3) great car

welcome aboard (sorry for mixing my metaphors)

Bill Murin

On Thu, 25 Jul 1996, Nicholas Pinto wrote:

> 1) where did all you people come from?????
> 2) thank god i have found all you people
> 3) i have  a 93 s4 with the stock bose stereo.  does anyone know where i can get the factory cd player?  they couldn't fill the order back in 93 and i was recently told that they were never shipped. is this true????
> thanks again
>  - nick