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Re: Wild ideas for the OOOOwww-D

>You are right about the rule about it being the same line in the rules.  The

>book reads: Make, Audi.  The line under it says quattro (all).  I called the

>SCCA to get a verification and they said that I could swap out all of the 
>stuff from other quattro models.  I know it seems hard to beleive, but it is


Quattro all would be the UrQ.  Get the letter from the SCCA.  What they 
say on the phone means Nothing.  They do not understand the question, and 
are not familiar enough with the car.....  When I Auto-x'ed I ran in ASP 
in my 240Z (Before it got reclassed to BSP) and I exploited the rules to 
the absolute max (Who me???) I have a entire 2" thick 3 ring binder with 
clairfaction letters from the SCCA.  Get it in writing, or you'll never 
make it past tech.

The other thing to note is in the rulebook anycar can be put in any class 
UNLESS OTHERWISE LISTED......  And since your 4KQ is listed in the HS/DSP 
(?? Don't have a rule book near me) section you cannot run it under the 
"Quattro All" Line


Eric Fletcher
St. Louis, MO