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Re: Eric's demise?

>FYI, I TRIED to check the archive for specific info regarding the
>TAP fiasco, but they do not seem to be available.  FWIW, your
>complaints are THE ONLY ones I've really ever seen, so unless
>there is a REAL PERSON on this list that has used the TAP chip &
>mods that blew an engine because of it, please contact me.  Unless
>I get concrete proof, I'm inclined to think it is just hearsay. 
>FYI, TAP chips are actually BBR chips... and I KNOW there are
>several listers with BBR chips that have no complaints.

Hey Darin,

Wanna see the remenats of a TAP modified Alfa 2.0L Engine?  3 of the 4 
pistions have really nice holes blown in the tops of them....  If Ivor is 
so great then why do I get frantic e-mails and phone calls from people 
that belived his crap and bought parts from him?  I'm speaking from 
experience.  You have a financial interest in their well being, and it 
looks like it's clouding your judgment.

TAP is my demise?  I think not.  Don't like what I have to say (And I 
call them as I see them..) Filter out any mail from me.  Belive that 
nothing bad has ever been written about TAP, Check to see where they are 
on the vendor list.......

>TO THE LIST:  Sorry for the public post, but I though this issue
>needed to be addressed.



Eric Fletcher
St. Louis, MO