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Re: (Whew) They made it...

Mike and Ann,

Glad you two made it.  Your mom actually gave us a call to pass on the news!  
I'm sure that you don't regret making this move.....

I gave you the oil more so for the truck than the TQ, but in case you didn't 
need it, was okay for the TQ, ya know, Mobil 1 and all.  'Specially after 
hearing all those stories 'bout your friends' and their various oil related 
misshaps.  And the fact that you got the truck from one of those said 

Got a garage or a shed yet?  Considering the glee with which your mom was 
getting rid of your stuff (thanks for the vacuum pump and spare tire!), it may 
be wise.  

It was a pleasure finally meeting Ann.  She definitely has the qualities it 
takes to be an Audi spouse.  Lisa liked her alot.

Hey, I forgot, Jeff had a few good things to say 'bout your sister.........

Keep in touch!
-Cello & Lisa  (left in MD and hating it)

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