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Re: Bike Rack Alternative

>     Mandatory Audi Content: I have a Thule Ski rack I picked
>     up cheap at a flea market,($17)it fits the 5KS (haven't tried
>     it on the V8 yet.) The locks are open, and there is no key,
>     where can I get a key made?  Is there an adapter available
>     to carry bicycles et. al. with this rack?  I've been strapping
>     doors, boxes, ladders etc. on it with some success, but
>     odd shaped large items are a bit tricky to keep tight.

I don't know about the key, but you can get a wide range of adapters to
carry bikes, surf boards, luggage etc. on the Thule.  I've had great
success using a pair of ratchet-type luggage straps on mine to carry a wide
range of items.  I also made a flat rack that sits between the rails for
carrying odd-shaped things.

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This is priceless; mind if I borrow it?

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Richard Funnell,
San Jose, California
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