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S4 high altitude boost pressure


If I remember correctly, the factory Audi S4 Introductory Training 
booklet mentions that the boost is limited at high altitudes to prevent the 
turbo blades from over-reving (ie spin too fast and go  Ka-BOOM). 
I will check the literature tonight and verify.

Scott M.

>From: "Tim Miller" <tjmill1@uswest.com>
>Subject: Re: wastegate valve for S4
>I am also very interested in what you find out.   I currently have the K&N
>Flat filter and am considering going to the cone but am not sure of the
>>>>>>>I am at a high altitude (Denver) and have experienced some power
>loss at full throttle in my 92 S4.   Though the cone may help.   Also, what
>specific performance gains do you get from the $100 wastgate valve?