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Charlies Angels are making a mockery of me.

Another dear Jon letter:

>Jon Taylor wrote:
>Subject: To all Charlie Smith spring users
>I've been using my Charlie Spring (no-shim) for about 9 months with the
>fuel pump cut-off grounded.  TEXT DELETED  About a year earlier the q-list 
>was discussing this issue and several listers made mention of using an in-line 
>regulator >>>>>>(John S. Mockery)>>>>>> but with no how-to or subsequent follow-up.

Hey Jon, wait a gosh darn minute, bubba boowie, I resemble that remark!
Well, sort of

Actually, my name is Scott J. Mockry (no e), pleeeeeeeeeeeese no mockery jokes 
cause I've heard them all and besides I'm 1/3 Polish so take that.......
Some say I'm 1/3 Polish from the neck up, others  say I'm 1/3 Polish
from the waist down.  (All my old girlfriends) You make the call!  
1-800 Operators are standing by....

Now where was I....
Actually.........although your post about using the fish tank valve was very good, 
(I do feel sorry for those poor goldfish though) you made a teensy weensy factual 
mis-Q as I never listed any info on using an in-line pressure regulator to fool the ECU.  
I previously mentioned that I used a hardware hack (resistors/op-amp etc)  on my old
 86 5000CS Turbo to get the boost up and fool the ECU. Now in my 89 200 TQ,  I have 
remapped  the overboost cutoff values in the MAC-14  EPROM  to allow running up to
1.9 bar with all the factory safe guards etc. So far I'm running 1.8 bar with a  stiffer
 WG spring and it runs real good. I have left the factory manifold pressure and
timing maps alone. I suppose I could remap the manifold pressure map higher 
and lower the timing map values slightly at the new higher boost value.

I'm still working on modifying RDH's  program to completely dis-assemble the MAC-11
and MAC-14  ERPOM  code to locate the values of  the actual "boost map" used 
by the ECU  to apply pressure on top of the WG valve to tailor the boost for different
engine conditions.

As always, my IMF team will dis-avow any knowledge of this operation should they
be captured or arrested by the EPA. ..............this email will self destruct in 5 seconds.....
Good luck Jon

Scott M.