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Speed costs money - NOT! ?

On Wed, 24 Jul 1996, John Weir wrote:

> > The 91 Audi 200 Turbo Quattro comes with a DOHC 20v engine making 217hp.
> > Max torgue is reached at 1950 rpm. 0-60 is like 6.2 sec in stock form.
> > It will pull at least .90 lateral G's. For under $500 you can make it
> > run 0 -60 in 5.3 and 0-100 in 12.2. If this  "powerplant is inept" I
> > would like to know what you think is not inept? They are VERY FEW cars
> > on the road today that will keep up with a 200TQ on *dry* pavement
> > either in a straight line or nice twisty road and I know of NO cars that
> > will keep up on wet or snowy roads. Bring on the Ford, Chevy and
> > Chrysler products - they all know what Audi tail lights look like.
> > 
> > mike miller
> > 
> You must read my post in rec.autos.driving.  It's under "Audi 200TQ
> question" I've got some questions there that I would like you to 
> clear up.  What kind of mods are you going to do to a Audi for less
> than $500?  You can't even buy a stock exhaust for that, much less
> a performance one.  That and a exhaust and filter won't gain a sec
> in the 0-60 times.  Well, whatever - look at the post and clear this
> up, for I just have a hard time understanding where you are getting 
> your info, it just seems to extreme.
> John

	This reminds me of a thread on the Talon/Eclipse/Laser list a 
while back.  How cheap can you make the car go real fast?  In the case of 
the Diamond Star cars, you can get into the 13s in the 1/4 mile for under 
$1000.  With an Audi I think it would take a little more money than that, 
but to get into the low 14s should be doable with $500 at the most.  
There would be some risks of course, but nothing that I personally would 
worry about.

1. Aquarium bleeder valve - <$5
2. Vacuum check valve - <$5
3. Pressure regulator - <$20
4. Custom exhaust - ~$300
5. K&N air filter - ~$50

That should about do it.

The first two are to fool the ECU into thinking you have less boost than 
you actually have.  The regulator is to make the wastegate give you 
more boost.  The exhaust is a straight pipe from the cat back, with a 
couple flow-through mufflers.

That's what I'd do. (at least for starters)

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