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Re: Crank bolt

On 25 Jul 1996, Neil Swanson wrote:

> Here is how I do it.  Pull off coil wire or kill the fuel pump whatever.  Put a
> breaker bar and socket on the bolt.  Put the breaker bar against the ground on
> the drivers side or in the engine compartment, depends on car.
> Turn the key.  Zoom, the bolt is loose.  Always works.  Never fails etc.  Done
> it soooooo  many times.
> I haven't looked to see if I can't.  No room for socket?  Anyone done it this
> way?

Bingo. Ive done several dozen EXACTLY this way. As far as Im concerned, 
its the **ONLY** way to get a crank bolt off. Fast, accurate, reliable.

be carefull though, it can be dangerous!


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