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Re: 4000 turbo quattro in Texas

At 12:20 AM 7/25/96 +0000, you wrote:
>Hope you are talking an engine swap and not a turbo bolt-on for Rich.

That's what I recommended, a complete engine swap with the complete computer
and wiring harness swap too.  That's why I said he should buy a wrecked 5kt.

>Turbo engines have lower compression heads (hence the "turbo lag" as
>they have less HP than a standard engine before turbo kicks in). I have

Yes.  There's more differences between the motors than that, but I have seen
a 4kq that just had a turbo bolted on to the stock 4kq 5 cylinder.  Went
like skunk, but reliability is unknown and I bet passing emisions is
impossible here in Portland (he lived in eastern Oregon where they don't
check emissions).

>heard some new car manufacturers (Saab) are using Low Pressure Turbos
>(LPT's) to eliminate the need for this. Actually have been fantasizing
>about a bolt-on of two LPT's for my '90 V8Q (once the extended warranty
>expires). Have you heard of anyone getting this done?

Not in the US, but I have heard about it in passing in racing in Europe.  As
they drop in price, I'm sure someone will try it.

>Bill Draeger
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>'91 V8Q (wife's)
Is this a 5-speed V8?  Don't our spouses always get the new cars? ;)

>'90 V8Q (mine)
>'88 5K Wagon (spare)

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