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A4q update!!!

   As you might have noticed, I am selling my stock rims and tires.....which
would lead you to believe that I have bought new rims and tires instead of
leaving my car up on blocks in the yard.   
   I finally got my dream wheels, a set of "17 MAE Monoblocks with 215-45/17
Dunlop SP8000 tires.  The set looks beautiful. The offset on the rims is 12mm
out from stock, they fill the fenderwell nicely, I would not want to go any
further out.  The handling has sharpened nicely with out being to harsh.....
overall, I am stoked!
   Much to my luck, my muffler showed up on the same day!  I bought a Remus
rear muffler.  I had the middle muffler chopped out and replaced it with a
straight pipe.  The sound is nice and throaty, a little loud.  Power was
increased quite a bit, I was able to top the car out against the speed
limiter without much trouble  (127 MPH and not a bit faster).
   I have ordered a set of low dust brake pads from TAP, I was a bit hesitant
after all of the anti-TAP talk, but we will see how things turn out. The pads
are FrictionTech  $93 front, $70 for the rear.  They should be here next
week, I will update after they are on the car.  
   That is about it for new toys.  I am trying to track down a rear swaybar,
if anybody has any leads on one let me know.
     take it easy
        '96 A4q
  PS....still no word from Dinan on the chip project (dang it!!)