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Re: BMW Pressure Accumulator on an '88 Audi 5000TQW?

In a message dated 96-07-26 12:01:10 EDT, you write:

>Carlsen Audi: $339
>Halsey Imports: $293

> The parts guy at this shop claimed that I can use
>the pressure accumulator for a 7-series BMW in this application,
>for a price of $118(!).  If this is true, it is obviously an
>attractive alternative.  Has anyone done this substitution? (or
>heard of anyone who has?)


At least for my '83 TQC it worked perfectly.
I posted this back about  March.

  I imagine that your car would use the same accumulator as mine, and I don't
recall the series of the BMW, but I think there was only one option anyway.
 BTW I got mine from Bavarian Motorsports or something like that in
Portsmouth NH for $69.00 mail order, plus shipping. It may have been a sale
price, some of their other stuff seemed expensive. Usual disclaimers...

Maybe I should have bought two.

Concord NH